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“A Loving Table” and “Home Sweet Houseplant”

"A Loving Table" and "Home Sweet Houseplant"

“The Table of Love: Creating Unforgettable Encounters”

What do you like: Something to look forward to this spring. With more than 300 color photos, this beautiful book tells of 34 women who share how they enjoy beautiful place settings and lush flower arrangements. Gibbs Smith will publish the 304-page hardcover book on April 19 (Kindle March 15).

What do you do, or what do you do: Written by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Dallas, a lifestyle and entertainment expert and itinerant editor at Southern Living, and Shelley Johnston Buchke of Wake Forest, Illinois, owner of a design firm. The book features various events hosted by 34 women that fuse family traditions including a festive lunch in the garden, Mardi Gras brunch and Mother’s Day brunch. The book will sell in hardcover for $55. More information is available at

“Home Sweet Houseplant: A room-by-room guide to decorating plants”

What do you like: Do you feel the need for something alive and green in your home in the winter of winter? Houseplants can help with this. In this book, author Baylor Chapman — founder of Lila B. Design, a San Francisco-based plant design studio — begins with the basics of choosing and caring for plants.

What do you do, or what do you do: The book, which is part of a series from Workman Publishing called Living with Plants, goes beyond just caring for plants. Chapman shows the reader how to decorate with plants in every room of the house with unique design ideas and projects. The 125-page book retails for $12.95. Visit for more information.

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