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Parisian-Inspired Decor Will Be Everywhere in 2022—Here’s How to Get the Look for Under $100

Parisian-Inspired Decor Will Be Everywhere in 2022—Here's How to Get the Look for Under $100

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When it comes to home decor, the French know how to combine vintage appeal with unparalleled contemporary design. While Parisian décor is rooted in historical designs, such as gilded gold mirrors and crystal chandeliers, the style dips its toes into modernity with elegant sculptures and artwork. No wonder Parisian-inspired home décor is one of the top trends you’ll see everywhere in 2022. And if you definitely want to, I don’t know what At home, be careful. There are many easy ways to incorporate style into your existing space. Tip: You can find them all on Amazon.

“Paris has set and always will be the fashion standard in all things,” says interior designer Caron Woolsey. “It’s timeless and sophisticated all at once.” A big part of the appeal, she explains, is that many of us yearn to travel, however, it’s also a familiar style, making it a “comfortable aesthetic to embrace in terms of risk.”

Parisian-inspired decor on Amazon

  • Omiro Decorative Vintage Wall Mirror, $21 (was $30)

  • Roundhill Furniture Slatina Silky Velvet Accent Chair, $95 (was $131)

  • Ekena Millwork Garanda Ceiling Medallion, $36

  • Stylish Crystal Chandelier, Saint Mossi, $100

  • Toujours Dried Floral Bouquet, $27 with coupon (was $30)

  • ArtbyHannah Minimalist Line Wall Art Set, $33, (was $35)

  • Antique NuLoom Shane Persian Rug, $66 (was $70)

  • Bameos Modern Side Table, $34 with coupon (was $46)

  • Perilla Home Glass Mop Knobs, $27 with coupon (was $30)

  • Stonebriar Vintage Texture Wooden Vase, $19 (was $20)

Charming style begins with a white cloth – most French homes have simple walls that draw the eye to the accent pieces, whether it’s a marble fireplace, elegant furniture, or ornate décor. Interior designer Tiffany Piotrovsky explains that classic Parisian spaces typically include “white walls with picture frame moulding, gilded gold mirrors with ornate patterns, carved fireplaces, and marble floors.”

But if you don’t have the luxury of living in an actual Parisian apartment with those built-in details, adding French-inspired decor (in moderation) can help. Although romantic décor is woven throughout the house, the Parisian trend is also very minimalistic, giving living spaces some breathing space by reducing clutter. From a layman’s perspective, less is definitely more.

“The gold, the velvet, the rich motifs, and the hardware are traditionally Parisian, but the new sculptural lighting and unique elements that weren’t there before, when created with these Parisian finishes, intrinsically combine old and new in a way that excites and inspires,” Wolsey continues.

Although this trend looks charming, it doesn’t have to cost much. Amazon is filled with plenty of Parisian-inspired decor, including stunning furniture, art pieces, and smart choices that will make your home feel like you’re in Paris—all for $100 or less. Plus, if you need more inspiration, check out Amazon’s room discovery feature.

Scroll through the list below to find Parisian-inspired gems that have interior designer-approved features we can all fall behind. Let’s go!

OMERO Decorative Classic Wall Mirror

Look into any Parisian home and you’ll find a large gold mirror, like this one from Omiro. Piotrowski says gold mirrors with ornate patterns are essential for the perfect look. Another tip? She recommends hanging the eye-catching mirror over a fireplace for an “instant Parisian feel.” This antique mirror has traditional feather carvings and floral motifs around the sides, and is very Baroque in style. The oval mirror is easy to hang, lightweight, and while it’s on the smaller side, it makes a big impact.

OMERO Decorative Wall Mirror

OMERO Decorative Wall Mirror

Roundhill Furniture Slatina Silky Velvet Accent Chair

Velvet furniture has a way of being elegant and comfortable, which is why this upholstered chair is so in keeping with a trend rooted in Paris. In fact, Woolsey says that velvety textures like this make the furniture look “traditionally Parisian.” Interior designer Gil Croca also says that muted colors, like that of the chair mixed with gold skate legs, are perfectly in line with the trend. The chair has a comfortable arched back and smooth lines that fit your desk or sink.

Roundhill Furniture Slatina Silky Velvet Upholstered Accent Chair

Roundhill Furniture Slatina Silky Velvet Upholstered Accent Chair

Ekena Millwork Garanda Medallion Ceiling

Even if you live in a newly built home, you can still make your walls look “French” without installing a dramatic picture frame template. Piotrowski suggests adding a ceiling medallion that mimics the antique look, like this one from Ekena Millwork. This white medallion blends perfectly with the ceiling to make it look like it’s always been there. The intricate feather design raises the ceiling of your home to draw the eye upward. However, you should complement the Parisian look with accent lighting—say, a pretty chandelier.

Ekena Millwork Granada Ceiling Medallion

Ekena Millwork Granada Ceiling Medallion

Elegant crystal chandelier from Saint Mossi

Speaking of chandeliers, this one looks great as if it came straight out of the Elysee Palace. Oh my God! Piotrowski and Croka emphasize that the crystal chandelier is a staple of Parisian decor, especially when combined with the ceiling medallion. This romantic option is made of delicate glass and designed with real crystal drops that give the room an elegant feel. It also comes with five light bulbs, which makes it both beautiful and practical.

Stylish modern crystal glass chandelier from Saint Mossi

Stylish modern crystal glass chandelier from Saint Mossi

Always a bouquet of dried flowers

The French take their flower gardens very seriously, however, it is a bit difficult to have one in the city. That doesn’t stop Parisians from bringing flowers indoors. In fact, adding fresh cut (or dried) flowers is a must if you want to get the trend right. Natural elements like real flowers, stone, and wood are standard, according to Croka. One way to make flowers last is to display them while they are dry, like this exotic bouquet. It’s made with baby’s breath, pampa grass, ferns, and bailey flowers that give it a pop of color.

100% natural tujjur bouquet of dried flowers and herbs

100% natural tujjur bouquet of dried flowers and herbs

ArtbyHannah minimalist mural set

The trick with the Parisian-inspired décor trend is to combine both the old with the new. At its core, interior designer Jacques Hayden says this style “celebrates blending antiques with contemporary design,” which is why this art collection is perfect for combining it. With plenty of big, bold details lying around, minimalist artwork balancing the room outside, and these simple prints are very French. It comes in three designs on a white background using a unique mono-line drawing technique. Choose from three wood frames, including light wood, walnut or black.

ArtbyHannah 3-Pack 11x14 inch Framed Simple Lines Wall Decor

ArtbyHannah 3-Pack 11×14 inch Framed Simple Lines Wall Decor

NuLoom Shane Persian Antique Area Rug

Not only will this solid wood area rug elevate the living room, but it’s also a great way to tie all your décor together. A truly authentic Parisian element is the Persian rug, like the antique-looking NuLoom option. The low pile rug features warm colors like dark orange, red, and beige that pair nicely with all the gold you’d have in your home. A soft rug is also perfect for cold winter nights, as it provides a barrier between you and the cold tiles. It’s available in three shapes and 14 sizes.

Antique nuLOOM Shane Rug

Antique nuLOOM Shane Rug

Modern side table from Bamos

Incorporating wood into your home is easy with elegant pieces of furniture like this gorgeous side table. A simple table accentuates elaborate Parisian décor with simple bamboo legs and a plain white table perfect for holding a stack of decorative books or a morning espresso. Honestly, it looks like it belongs in a French cafe! This sturdy and durable table is ideal for small spaces thanks to its slim construction, and comes in 16″ and 20″ sizes. For a more dramatic look, Hayden suggests adding “elements of black to heighten your space;” If you’re feeling bold, go for a dark gray/black top instead.

BAMEOS Side Table Modern Round Side Table

BAMEOS Side Table Modern Round Side Table

Brilla glass squeegee handles

What is one way to raise a simple chester set of drawers or a wooden credenza? Upgrade the handles! These honeycomb cabinet knobs offer rich metallic elements hidden in brass detailing combined with beautiful mother-of-pearl. “These little elements make a big difference in achieving the luxurious French look you’re aiming for,” she explains. Made of glass, the vintage-looking device is handcrafted and perfectly fits the 2022 trend. And if you’re not interested in this particular design, it also comes in seven other styles.

Set of 4 Mop Handles, Polished Contemporary Cabinet Hardware

Set of 4 Mop Handles, Polished Contemporary Cabinet Hardware

Stonebriar Vintage Texture Wooden Vase

This vase has an unexpected design that gives it an antique and natural look that Croca says is part of the Parisian trend. The wooden vase has a wavy, zigzag shape that resembles ocean waves. It also has a tall, well-developed structure with a small mouth, making it ideal for long-stemmed flowers such as tulips or daisies. Even if you don’t buy flowers weekly, an elegant vase can work on its own as a standout on a windowsill or on a side table. Shop it in three sizes.

Stonebriar Decorative Pale Blue Tall Wood Wooden Vase

Stonebriar Decorative Pale Blue Tall Wood Wooden Vase

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