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This $16 Target Teddy Throw Blanket Will Cozy Up Your Space

This $16 Target Teddy Throw Blanket Will Cozy Up Your Space

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I am, admittedly, a bit arrogant. When it comes to super soft blankets, I have very high standards. First, I’m always cold, so I usually need something thicker than a regular throw. On top of that, I’m obsessed with creating the cozy vibe possible in all areas of my apartment, so the pillows are oversized and the tight covers plentiful. Not to mention I have a small dog that loves to hide – between us, we went through a lot of blankets.

So when I stayed in an Airbnb cabin over the winter filled with the cutest blankets I’ve ever tried, I knew I had to get one right away. I was preparing for how much one of these things might cost me, but here’s the sign that reads “Room Basics”. (Yes, room essentials, as in the highly affordable Target line commonly associated with entry-level bedroom and apartment decor.) Who knew that a teen décor line would produce the cover of my dreams? And the kicker? This large, fluffy blanket is only $16.

I did what any blanket lover would do: I ordered one right away so it would wait for me when I got home from my flight. Once I experienced the real hygge that came from wrapping this blanket, I didn’t want to live another day without it.

Many fake Shearling blankets have one side of the soft fabric, while the other side is textured like sheep’s wool. With this special blanket, both sides feel super comfortable with the soft fleece.

This little piece of heaven comes in two different sizes: one that fits twin and twin XL beds (for a dorm), and one that accommodates a full or queen size bed. I noticed the one on the Airbnb looked really huge, which is great for an entire vacation, but I thought I’d downsize my house, and I’m glad I did. The twin measures 94 inches by 66 inches, so it’s big enough to add to the layer of blankets on my full size bed but still small enough to snuggle up on the couch without overflowing on the floor.

The word blanket doesn’t seem to do this thing justice. It’s plush, soft, and super lightweight, so I can stand around my apartment while curling up in this cloud with ease. I assumed it would basically disintegrate in the wash (after all, it was only $16), but I’m happy to report that I’ve run it through the wash a few times, and it’s still as tough and soft as ever. I washed it alone in cold water and threw it in the dryer on the lowest setting (high heat can damage it), and voila! Back to cozytown I go.

While the peach-red hue you ordered can veer a bit from teenage décor (what can I say? I’m young at heart), this fleece blanket is also available in neutral colors, like gray, green, and classic white. Are you ready to feel warm? If you are looking for a lightweight and fluffy blanket to wrap up in and forget all your worries, this is your go-to. Head to Target now to buy this little all-around bliss for just $16.

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