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Upgrade your home with these 5 Home decor products in 2022

Upgrade your home with these 5 Home decor products in 2022

The “New Year, I’m New” wave is strong this season and calls for our homes to be reinvented with ourselves to match our new avatar. The best pieces to be presented this season should fit in and set the scene for the rest of the year. Staring at a blank wall until 2021. It’s easier to focus on home decor furniture and interiors and neglect what we’re putting on our walls other than a fresh coat of paint or a new sheet of wallpaper.

With the right home decor accessories, you can transform your living room from ordinary and boring to unique and personal. What better then to offer in your home something that suits every season? Here are some modern pieces with a touch of antique art that would fit perfectly in any contemporary home looking for a little décor.

vintage and classic

Vedas Exports Metal Wall Art

This crafted metallic wall art has a classic vintage look to enhance any living room or office space. The piece is contemporary, made of wrought iron and has the right mix of gold and other metallic colors. This may seem like a central décor theme for your home as well. You can place this wall decor in your dining room or in your living room to add a unique touch to your home decor.

Price: 6,499 rupees

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The Vedas top the art of golden round iron sculpture

Something really calm and serene makes a huge difference in any setting. this is Beautiful golden iron round sculpture brings a zen-like feel wherever it is installed. It is unique and quiet. This wall art is an easy way to add sparkle and luster to your room. Made of high quality reflective metal with a rustic finish.


Price: 3127 rupees

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Wheelie Wonder

Vedas issue ancient wheels

There is something purely nostalgic about this piece. These vintage brown wheels command attention wherever they are installed. Rustic finishes are sure to take you back in time from your modern living room. This unique piece will hang flat on any wall. With nail holes just below the handlebars, this bike will showcase just about anything in a solid way.


Price: 2,800 rupees

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asymmetric art

Veda issues asymmetric art

They say asymmetry breaks monotony and symmetry. This large asymmetrical décor art provides beautiful texture to a room and is definitely a conversation starter. Add something interesting and unique to your walls like a metallic wall decor piece that offers detailed pattern and a handcrafted piece that creates a truly special piece.


Price: INR 8,399

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golden nature

export veda flower design

Nature brings us closer but elegantly. This beautiful flower design is simple, elegant and beautiful and complements any modern home design. This leaf frame is made from a combination of high quality metals and contemporary and traditional styles with a gold tone finish.


Price: INR 5699

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